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Registration for  the 2016-17 school year will be held on August 2nd from 8:00

 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. at all schools.


The Board and administration of Saluda School District One are appreciative of all civic involvement in local, state and federal elections.  Participation in elections is desired and enhances public discourse.  The District does not endorse any political candidate or give permission for any District logo to be used in campaign materials. Again, the Board and administration welcome all civic involvement and hope that our community members remain involved in  public service on all levels. We wish all candidates well in their political endeavors. 

District Information

Mission Statement

Educate all students by providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum with supportive programs.


The vision of Saluda County Schools is to become an exemplary district in which every student graduates equipped to succeed in work and life in a globally competitive world.

About our District

Saluda County School District is located approximately 45 miles west of Columbia, South Carolina.
The district is comprised of one primary school, two elementary schools, one middle and high school along with an alternative school known as Saluda Opportunity Academy. Average student enrollment is approximately 2200 students.

With strong community support, Saluda School District has boldly envisioned an ideal learning environment. We believe all students can learn when provided with the appropriate learning opportunities.

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