Celebrating Read Across America

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Saluda Primary School celebrated reading by participating in Read Across America Week  February 27 - March 3.  The students and staff participated in Dress up week with each day coordinating with a Dr. Seuss book .


On Thursday, the school celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with a special cake, card and party in his honor.  The children enjoyed a day of reading, reinforcing that reading is fun and imaginations can soar in “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” when reading a book!  Guest readers were invited to the classrooms to read their favorite book to the students.

The students were even served green eggs and ham for lunch!


On Friday, Saluda Primary School held a Book character parade with Saluda Elementary School.  Each teacher picked a book and had her class dress up as characters from that book.



Coach Stewart Young reads to Mrs. Young’s class