SMS students uncover the legacy of Anne Frank through exhibit guides


Students at Saluda Middle School had an opportunity to engage in an educational literacy program sponsored by the USC College of Education and The Anne Frank House.


The USC College of Education offers middle schools the opportunity to host an 8-panel traveling exhibition on the life and diary of Anne Frank for a period of four weeks. It also provides guide training for up to 25 students. These specially trained students are prepared to lead their peers, community members and parents through the exhibit.


This exhibition, Reading & Writing with Anne Frank, explores Anne’s life as a writer and a reader in the context of WWII. Shaped around a timeline, the exhibition invites viewers to explore the influences of Anne’s life on her writing.


Today, Anne Frank is known throughout the world for the diary she kept while hiding from the Nazis during the Second World War. She also wrote stories, poetry, and the beginnings of a novel: indeed, writing and reading helped her to deal with the incredible stress of confinement and fear.


When students visit the exhibit, they learn from one another.  The Anne Frank House has developed a series of activities over decades of experience in more than 90 countries. It engages students deeply with this difficult history and the issues it raises for us today.  The specially-designed activities prepare students in critical thinking and visual literacy.


This training allows students to get to know Anne as a writer, learn what books Anne read while in the Secret Annex, uncover the legacy of the Frank family, as well as to explore their own voices through writing activities.