SHS Teacher Cadets Observe Classrooms

Teacher Cadets Observe Classrooms

Teacher Cadet is a course offered to Saluda High School’s junior and seniors that are interested in becoming teachers and learning more about education.  The program is administered by the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, & Advancement (CERRA) as a high school recruitment program for the teaching profession. Students that demonstrate solid academic performance and exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills are encouraged to participate in this dual-enrollment course through USC-Aiken.  

This year, Saluda High School’s Teacher Cadet course has 20 students.  Our Cadets spend time during our first unit learning about themselves as well as their classmates learning styles, growth and development, barriers to learning, and exceptional learners.  The course progresses with students experiencing the classroom.  We make observational visits to various classrooms in our Saluda County schools to learn about classroom management, teaching methods and strategies, planning, and assessment.  Also, we continually examine the traits that make an effective teacher.  All of this time learning builds up to each Cadet experiencing the teaching profession.  Not only do Cadets study ethics, professionalism, history, and governance, Cadets spend almost three weeks in the field with one classroom within our district.  

As our class has progressed, some of our Cadets have recognized that they want to pursue careers in other fields; however, they are now better advocates for public education after their experience as a Teacher Cadet.  The majority of the Cadets are even more excited to pursue a career in education, and may even return to Saluda to teach!  

2017-2018 Saluda High School Teacher Cadets

Kaitlyn Blackmon

Leslie Bradley

Kelijiha Brown

Daquain Brunson

Bailey Chariker

Andrea Coates

Wyatt Doolittle

Elizabeth Easler

Courtney Epting

Harley Epting

Reagan Fingerlin

Emily Hipp

Belen Juarez-Perez

Araceli Lezama de Jesus

Arelly Licea

Makayla Porter

Mikayla Rikard

Kelby Rodgers

Erin Rowe

Ginger Wertz

Our first day of observations at Saluda Primary School